A close look at audiometry test

Basically, an audiometry test is a straightforward non-invasive and painless test that it carried out to determine or measure the ability of a person to hear different pitches, frequencies, and sounds. Patients who happen to have a tumor close to their ear region may have to undergo an audiometry test so as to determine if they really have a hearing loss problem. Also, the audiometry test is carried out before or after a surgery, this test will help in determining if there has been an improvement to a person’s hearing after a surgery or after a person starts using a hearing aid.

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How the ear works

The role of the outer ear is to collect sound from our environment and funnels it into the ear canal until it reaches the eardrum. Vibrations are then made when the sound reaches the eardrum. These vibrations then pass an area in the ear known as the ossicles located in the middle ear. The ossicles are made up of three component parts which are-stapes, malleus, and the incus.  The role of the saps is to deliver the vibration to a cochlea located in the inner ear. The cochlea is a tube that contains a liquid and some hair cells that are microscopic.  As soon as the sound hits the cochlea, it causes a movement of the liquid and the hair cells. This movement then generates a nerves signal that the brain interpreted or understood as sound.

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How exactly does the Audio test works?

The ear is made up of three major parts- the inner, middle and the outer ear. An audio test can be used to determine if a person is suffering from the Sensorineural hearing loss which involves a damage to the cochlea or the nerve. It can also be used to determine if a person has a conductive hearing loss, which involves damage to the eardrum or the tiny ossicle bones.

There are a series of tests that are taken alongside the audiometry test.

An audio test often is used to measure the least audible sound that a person could hear. During the test, you will have to wear a dedicated earphone throughout with a series of sounds directed to the ear one at a time.

The loudness of the sound is measured in Decibels. It is common knowledge to hearing practitioners that a whisper is about 20 decibels and a loud music could be from 80 to 120 decibels and the sound of a jet engine is about 180 decibels.

A word recognition test is also a test that is used to gain insight as to the ability of a person to understand a speech from a noise. Your word recognition scores can be very important especially in predicting if a hearing aid will be useful.

What an audio hearing test shows

The charts from an audio test chart show the hearing level of a person at different frequencies and tones.

Hearing loss is described in the following terms;

  • Profound –above 90 decibels
  • Severe- ranges from 66-99 decibels
  • Moderate-ranges from 41-65 decibels
  • Mild- ranges from 25-40 decibels
  • Normal- less than 25 decibels

The person who performs an audio test is known as an audiologist. Many people with a hearing problem often wonder how they could prepare for a hearing test. Well, it might surprise you to know there are no special preparations you have to make when preparing for an ear audio test. All you have to do during the test is to try to remain as still and quiet as you can so your test result will be accurate.

Lastly, you have to bear it in mind that an ear audio test has no risk so you don’t have to be worried.


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