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How to get your children to behave during the holidays

Holidays are what every child looks forward to, at the end of a tiresome week or month or more. Holidays signal an uninterrupted phase of merrymaking, games and trips. It is thus natural to expect children to be the most excited and enthusiastic around this time of the year. Here are a few clever parenting […]

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Learn How Your Kids Would Be Disciplined At a Preschool

When a child goes to preschool, he or she undergoes a number of changes. Their attention span improves and they get better at doing small tasks and take on new tasks. They are always ready to show off the skills they learn in preschool with confidence. However, they are not always well equipped with the […]

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Essential Nutritional Care Tips for Raising Healthy Childern

Proper nutrition plays an extremely vital role in the mental and physical growth of children of all age groups. Healthy diet practices help the child to stay fit, active and increase concentration during studies. It also ensures that the child is receiving everything required for accurate body development. If your child is all set to […]

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