Essential Nutritional Care Tips for Raising Healthy Childern

Proper nutrition plays an extremely vital role in the mental and physical growth of children of all age groups. Healthy diet practices help the child to stay fit, active and increase concentration during studies. It also ensures that the child is receiving everything required for accurate body development. If your child is all set to join nursery in Singapore to lay the foundation for his education, here are some diet and nutrition care tips to follow to ensure overall growth and healthy development.

Homemade Healthy Diet Habits

Food prepared at home is hygienic and fresh, which is very essential to stay away from diseases. At home, parents can take care to prepare dishes with all necessary macronutrients (a fine combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fats). Teaching children to make good food choices is very important. These eating habits will play a significant role in the proper development of brain, bones and muscles.

Healthy Cooking Oils with Necessary Fatty Acids

The healthy fatty acids are important to absorb several fat-soluble vitamins and minerals in the body. However, it is important to avoid oils in the market with cholesterol or trans fat and saturated fat. Read the nutrition contents on the package before choosing your cooking oil.

Importance of Fiber Rich Whole Grains

The fiber rich foods like cereals, brown bread and rice, oats have enough of roughage to support the metabolism in the body. They are good fat cutters for overweight children. The fiber softens when you maintain the adequate water and other fluid intake to keep the bowel movement healthy.

Give a Lot of Fluids to Keep them Hydrated

The child in pre-school or nursery in Singapore is engaged in several physical activities like playing, rushing to schools, exercising and others. They are constantly sweating and burning calories. They must take in sufficient liquids to maintain the right water balance in the body. The normal water balance in the body will regulate metabolism, maintain the proper functioning of the circulatory system and also aid in the production of hormones. They may not like to take in water at regular intervals. One of the great ideas is to include some fruit juices, smoothies and soups in the diet. They are nutritious with lots of vitamins and minerals satisfying the taste preferences in the kids.

Avoid Refined Fast Foods

The processed fast food in the market contains refined sugars, high salt and fat content. They promote faster weight gain even in extremely active children. Higher refined grains, sugar and salt habits in early childhood can trigger the problems of high blood pressure and related problems when they grow up.

Some Important Points to Remember

Every morning should start with a healthy wholesome breakfast for growing children. The complete meal should be light, containing whole grains rich in fiber, proteins like chicken or eggs, fruits, a cup of milk and some green veggies. Always ensure the child is getting enough calcium, iron, and other minerals in their diet. Nurturing healthy food habits right from the pre-school stage will help your child to grow strong and fit to take up learning lessons and physical activities at the nursery in Singapore with great enthusiasm, energy and ability.

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