Proven Tips for Choosing a Company Secretary in Singapore

Looking for a reputable corporate secretarial service in Singapore is by no means an easy task. With so many professional service providers around, it will be difficult for you to narrow down a good one that will be able to address the needs of your company.

Truth be told, finding a top-notch specialist who is abreast with the regulations of the ACRA that can help your business thrive is somewhat difficult, especially now when everyone claims to be an expert. To silence the noise and increase the odds of you narrowing down a specialist that will be able to cater to the unique needs of your company while helping you comply with the ever-changing regulations of the ACRA, you are going to need all the help you can get.

The first and likely the most important step to selecting a reputable comporate secretary in Singapore is to learn about their duties. It is also a good idea to learn about what makes a good company secretary.

The following article by sheds light on some tips that can help you choose a good company secretary in Singapore.

Essential tips for choosing a company secretary in Singapore

Every company in Singapore must appoint a company secretary within 6 months of its incorporation.  But what do they actually do? And what can you bring in-house and what should you leave to the experts? Read more here.

You likely now have a better understanding of the roles or responsibilities of a company secretary, some compelling reasons why you should never handle the duties of a company secretary on your own, and some key things you should check before choosing a company secretary, like their experience level, speed, hidden cost, and so on.

The following article by Corporate Service SG is basically a how-to guide to choosing the best corporate secretarial service in Singapore.

How to Choose the Best Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore

Looking for a top-notch corporate secretarial service in Singapore today can be quite a challenge with the multitude of professional services providers around. Finding a specialist who fits your business needs like a glove is what you, as a company owner Read more here.

You surely know how to narrow down a good secretarial service firm in Singapore that will be able to address the administrative, advisory, and fiduciary need of your company. You are also now armed with the information that separates mediocre secretarial firms and help you identify a reputable company that can add value to your business.

The following article by Osome explains how to change a corporate secretary.

How to Change Corporate Secretary?

Changing your Corporate Secretary seems tedious, but in reality, it’s quite straightforward, with the help of a good agent. We review the process, the reasons, and the necessary steps to replace your existing CorpSec with a better one. Read more here.

You likely now know how to go about changing your company secretary. You also know some telltale signs that you need to change your company secretary as well as how to appoint a new secretary who will be able to address the needs of your company.

Final note

Let’s face it, choosing a corporate secretary firm, is no easy business, as there are so many of them. While some of them are great, knows the regulations of ACRA, and help streamline some core business processes, others, may not be able to help your business comply with the regulations of the ACRA, demand an exorbitant price for their services, and may not be able to offer advice that can help your business thrive.

If your present company secretary is landing you into one trouble after another, then it is time for you to find another who can take your business to the next level.

While doing this can be tedious, frustrating, and a time-consuming process, but it will go a long way in helping your business grow faster.

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