Reasons Why Serious Business Owners in Singapore Hire Company Secretarial Service Firms

Do you want to become one of the top guns in your industry? Do you want to scale your revenue without stressing yourself out? If yes, then you should study the approach and business tactics of the men and women in your industry who are making huge profits and growing their business at a frightening rate.

One of the main things that set these business moguls apart from others out there is their speed of implementation. They do in-depth, keep up with trends and innovation in their industry, and most importantly, apply what they learned.

In the past, business owners in Singapore had to do everything from accounting to administration. This had an adverse impact on their productivity, performance, revenue, and so on. Serious business owners back then saw that juggling all their business activities on their own is hurting their growth. So, they tried outsourcing some time-consuming tasks, and things changed for the better. Corporate services and hiring a corporate secretary are examples of what could be outsourced:

They are now able to get more done in less time while focusing on the most important tasks that can have the most impact on their business.

If you want to enjoy similar success, then you must do the same. 

The following article by corpserve shed light on some reasons why serious business owners in Singapore are hiring company secretarial services.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Our work does not end with business setup. All registered business entities are required to comply with various legislations. We can guide and advise you on the relevant rules and regulations in Singapore so that your company can be in compliant through our services as Corporate Secretarial Agents. Read more here.

You likely now know some convincing reasons why business owners are outsourcing to corporates secretarial services. If you are new to the business, you may think that hiring them may cost you a fortune. But the truth is that it won’t. In fact, hiring them will go a long way in helping you save money, time, and energy.

The following article by Deloitte explains the benefits of hiring corporate secretarial services in Singapore.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Thinking about doing business in Singapore and other countries in Southeast Asia? BPS Corporate Secretarial Services provides a full spectrum of corporate secretarial services to assist businesses in establishing a presence in Singapore, Read more here.

You are surely now abreast with the benefits you will enjoy when you employ the services of a good corporate secretarial service company in Singapore. When you hire them, they will help you do everything from annual filing and incorporation to provision of nominee director, just to name a few.

The following article by Theaccountants unveils some important thing you need to know before outsourcing to a third-party company. 

Corporate Secretarial

As a valued partner to our client and knowing the importance to always listen – hear what the client say, we provide useful information and services with a genuine interest in our clients. Read more here.  

You likely now know some important things you must look out for before hiring a third-party secretary for your company. Presently, Singapore is home to a lot of corporate secretary service companies. While some are great and have the skill, manpower, and resources to address the needs of any company, others are slow, unorganized, and may struggle to address the basic needs of a company. Ensure that you do your research before making a final decision.

Final note

Presently, it is mandatory for all registered companies in Singapore to appoint a company secretary within six months from their incorporation date. As a business owner, you have the freedom to choose anybody, as long as they are a citizen of Singapore to become your company secretary. However, before making a final decision, it wise to think carefully about the role or responsibilities of a company secretary.

Hiring just anybody to serve as your company secretary will not only put your business at risk but will also make it difficult for you to comply with the many regulatory requirements of the ACRA. The best option, therefore, is to employ the services of a reputable corporate secretary firm who have the tools and systems to cater to the needs of your company.

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