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This is a guide article of the top 5 best hair salon for men in Singapore. Hair salon comes in the form of the unisex salon and mostly women salon but only a few of them specializes in rendering styling services for men. You will find this guide useful when looking for the hair salon to visit if you are on the lookout for one that’s solely focusing on grooming men to look their best. Here are the few hair salon we feel is recommended for you.

Air Salon

At Air Salon, haircut prices start at S $39 thereby attracting the best of the best stylists in Singapore. And if you’re looking for a something to transform your haircut and styling, then you might want to go with Air Creative Director and Singapore’s most famous hairdresser at $55. At Air, they are known for their latest style trends, with the perfect knowledge and rich experience about which styles suit you best

With a treatment worthy of celebrities, you are sure that you are in safe hands. Their accurate way of dealing with your needs in a gentle, caring and heartwarming manner will make you happy.

Address: Address: 2 Handy Rd, #03-17/18 The Cathay, Singapore 229233

Telephone: +65 6733 2340


Jermyn Street

Inspired by London’s Jermyn Street – home to a high-quality mix of tailor-made tailors, traditional hairdressers and allied businesses – Jermyn Street Singapore is located on bustling Amoy Street. This high-end business provides excellent male care services through experienced hairdressers trained at some of the UK’s and Australia’s leading hair institutes

Not that this local version is anything serious and bleak. The interior is bright – almost like an art gallery – and is complemented by red Chesterfield sofas and natural sunlight streaming in from a courtyard with glass walls. The Dapper Duke ($65). This wash, style, and style is Jermyn Street’s most popular service, with typical shaves and beard trimming, including cleansing, peeling and toning, costing $70 and $35 to $50, respectively.

Address: Address: 108 Amoy St, Singapore 069928

Telephone: +65 6220 4010


Expat Hair Studio

Expat Hair Studio, founded by two expats, Jaclyn Douglas, and Katherine Moss, has become a trusted brand for many men in Singapore – both expats and locals alike. At Expat Hair Salon you will have access to tons of magazines, free Wi-Fi, and a wide variety of drinks to choose from – coffee, specialty tea, and even booze.

Offering a cozy modern space that’s perfect for your relaxation while getting a fresh cut ($55), this salon will surely provide a great styling experience for you. Look trendy with Ramie and Eason, the specialists for their hairdressing styling and men’s hairstyles. The salon uses the men’s line of Kevin Murphy, known as sulfur-free and cruelty-free.

Address: 422 Joo Chiat Road

Telephone: 6444 7929


Sultan of Shave

A combination of classic hairdressing techniques with contemporary trends births what you have as the Sultans of Shave, a stylish space that’s not your average hair salon. The hairdressers are trained in London and offer a range of services, from haircuts (from $48) to shaves (from $40). Try a deluxe shave and deluxe hairstyle set for two to spend some time with the experience of a truly remarkable feeling ($168).

The luxury haircut hairstyle ($48) is the most popular service, followed by the Sultan’s shave ($60): a shave and an express facial to freshen up your look. Expect premium products from brands such as American Crew, Baxter or California, and Byrd Hairdo for washing and styling, and lavender and lemongrass-scented hot and cold towels for shaving.

Address: 11 N Canal Rd, #02-01, Singapore 048824

Telephone: +65 6222 0201


Jean Pierre Salon

Jean Pierre Salon is a top salon that is popular among young men and students alike. Why this? They’ve got skillful hairdressers from Korea and the trendiest Korean hairstyles to style you up and make you look your best. Jean Pierre is known for good hairstyles for me where you can get the right hairstyle for your hair type and shape. Jean Pierre is definitely the one to look for when it comes to cutting. Next to him is Joel Park a celebrated stylist who is recommended by many guys.

Notifying the staff at Jean Pierre that you are a student will earn you a discounted rate. Though they might lower the price, but certainly not the quality of the cuts or service rendered. It usually costs $25 for a student haircut experience. But it can also be higher if the creative director takes care of your hair.

Address: Orchard Central #04-13, 181 Orchard Road Singapore (238896).

Telephone: +68844544


And there you have it. All the hard job is done for you and wrapped up in a concise and precise list to make life easier for you as a male individual looking to look their best.

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15 Mathematics to optimize the future

Mathematics to optimize the future

Scientists assertively say that mathematics can optimize the future, thanks to its universal and multidisciplinary nature. That is why they suggest that there should be a math enrichment centre in every locality. They point out that the role of mathematics in certain fields is supportive and in a few others, it plays a major and primary role.

Areas where mathematics can help in optimizing the future

1. Mathematics can help in optimizing every field under the sun. For example, though a number of people have the notion that mathematics and biology do not have any link, mathematics helps in gathering statistics and arriving at conclusions in the field of biology also. In fact, without mathematics, researchers cannot do their studies in biology. Simply put, the role of mathematics will be very much crucial for progress in almost all the fields.

2. A few other examples as to how mathematics can optimize our future are the ways retailers use mathematics for analyzing their loyalty programs and the strategies banks adopt with the help of mathematics for managing their financial risks. Similarly, hospitals can use mathematics for managing the work-flows of their emergency wards.

3. While computational mathematics can play a key role in designing industrial, economic, biological and environmental models, bioinformatics that use mathematics to a large extent plays a highly significant role in genetics. Researchers involved in genetic studies can create algorithms for analyzing genomic data for exposing genetic markers pertaining to diseases.

Optimization using mathematics and competitive advantage

Optimization using mathematics involves economic, objective and judicious use of available resources in various processes including production. This means industries can succeed in their aim of achieving competitive advantage.

To summarize, mathematics has become all-pervasive, right from managing traffic to scheduling of air crafts. Unfortunately, many of the fields including the health sector, public transport, etc. are not using mathematics to the optimum which means they are yet to use their resources optimally. If these fields use mathematics appropriately, they can succeed in achieving increased productivity. They can also sustain and grow in their spheres of activities.

In short experts say that math truths have the ability to make a complex world a lot more comprehensible as well as manageable.

This clearly explains how mathematics can help in optimizing our future. So, the suggestion of researchers that there should be a math enrichment in every location is not tall talk.

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01. YLC What is the right age to start math enrichment classes for your child

What is the right age to start math enrichment classes for your child?

One can join the math enrichment class as early as k1 level. Each group of children is provided with challenges and thought-provoking exercises fit for their standard to determine the requirements of early bloomers. It’s solely based to define the ability criteria of the child and the age factor does not matter. Students are provided the opportunity to explore their talents and skills in the field of mathematics. Hence, establishing a strong grasp on conceptual understanding.

In simple terms, though math is assumed to deal with equations, variables, and arithmetic; there is a bigger picture to lay focus on. Creativity, reason, intuition, investigating patterns that deal with space and quantity, logic is also part of math.

Each level of the class is well-structured and goal-oriented. There is an overall development and growth that is experienced by every child. Motivating them to do their best along with having fun makes these math enrichment for K1 classes very effective.

As it aims to master one skill set before moving on to the next, it approaches the subject through a different style which is not seen in the regular curriculum.

Through these classes, math is made fun and engaging. So these classes can be enjoyed by toddlers as well as they begin to learn the fundamental concepts of counting and number recognition.

Through activities, your child attempts to use different solution strategies to overcome the challenging problem which stimulates the creativity within. Such methods of learning, during a child’s formative years, helps in becoming a long term habit of reasoning and logic.

These out-of-class exercises help students have a more in-depth understanding of the vast areas of math that is covered by this program.

Efficiency, persistence, and confidence are the key life skills your child will learn as the child works towards mastery over a particular skill set. When such life skills become a part of our lifestyle at such a tender age, success isn’t far behind. “Practice makes a man perfect” is the famous saying. Your child will be passionate about the subject through the various activities. Passion is what inspires us to work and achieve the goals we set. Milestones are crossed when passion and hard work go hand in hand.

Hence, it is a great idea to introduce your child to math enrichment classes as early as possible as the earlier they join the more they benefit from these classes.

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Improve problem solving and critical thinking skills in children using math booster programs

One of the main skills that most of us use in day to day life. It comes into use in almost every walk of life. Most people will argue that you don’t need to be taught critical thinking and problem solving smart people will just figure it out themselves or children will learn it through discussions with their peers. However, studies have shown that children who took part in math booster programs have a higher problem solving ability and better critical thinking skills.
Math booster programs use math games and other innovative ideas to help children improve their math skills in this process unknowingly the child is also learning logical and critical thinking that is then applied while solving the math problems. These skills are not just limited to solving math problems but also make the basis for the child when they come across other problems and difficulties later in life. A sure method of teaching a child problem solving is when they are asked to explain how they solved a particular math sum. Other ways that math booster programs help development of problem solving and critical thinking is when they teach the child how to analyse analogies. Relating math problems to day to day life can help build interest in math and also give example and solutions of daily problems.
Primary maths tuition centre Singapore help children to identify the relevant information that they need to solve the problem that is given to them. It shows them how to create categories and divide the information provided to them into these categories. The next step to solving any problem is to construct and recognize valid deductive arguments or hypothesis for the problem. These hypotheses are then put to the test to get the required result. Math booster programs help the child to recognise common reasoning fallacies. The most important thing that is taught during these programs is how to distinguish between the given evidence and the interpretation of the given evidence.
Improved critical thinking and problem solving skills in children have been known to make the child more independent, smarter and more creative. It is also known to increase the child’s IQ score and boosts inventiveness. The child is also able to make decisions better when they are clearly able to think about the problem analyse it and then find a solution.

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What is math enrichment?

There is no specific data which will tell you exactly what math enrichment is and it is usually interpreted as problem solving or mathematical thinking. However, it is the process of gaining knowledge and understanding of math as a subject. With understanding comes passion, and with passion comes growth and a treasure is unlocked. Not everyone has a good aptitude for math. Some children are able to grasp a concept as soon as it is taught in class but some need a little bit of push before they can fully understand a concept that is being taught to them. This is where math enrichment programs come into play.

Math enrichment centres are the alternates to regular classes that help children who are having a hard time coping with understanding the basic concepts of math understand in an easier way. Math enrichment even though aimed at those who struggle with math is not purely just for them. It is a program that makes a person better at math. So whether the child has a good grasp on the subject or it is the last thing that they would rather do math enrichment centres help to make them better.

These can be taken as after school classes as well as special summer classes. Here they use different methods of teaching the basic concepts that is not taught in schools. These classes can help children find love for a subject that they disliked earlier and this love could even lead them to a career where math is a necessary subject to know. For example, in today’s world, everything is getting digitized and thus there is a growing need for people who are capable and have studied computer science a subject in which having a working knowledge is a huge plus.

Every math enrichment centre has its own strategy and approach to the subject. These programs are aimed at the problem solving skills and day to day lives of the children. They help the children to have critical thinking when it comes to the math problem as well as life as life as a whole. One of the most important strategies that are used in these programs is the use of the matrix method. By providing a framework to the students they are able to group mathematical problems that have similar solutions into one category.

Hence, math enrichment as the name suggests is a way of improving a child’s knowledge of math.

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Are You A Nursery Teacher Teaching Math? – Things You Need To Know!

Many preschool or nursery educators will be delighted in their young students desire to learn something new every day. A nursery teacher’s day is all about influencing positive behavior, modeling how to do things, shaping out right and proper instructions, inculcating optimism, positive attitude, self-esteem and all this while laying a foundation for their real academics in the coming future. Math is one important subject most students fear as they grow, so what teacher tips can make their journey easy? Check out the reason many nursery schools in Singapore add a compulsory playing session .

Effective program –

Real math – Bring the lessons into the perfect context for the nursery kids. It should move around their daily lives. It should not be limited to the school and class; it should be at home and also in the community. Nursery kids learn math to their best with hands on activities as well as projects that keep them reminded how this ‘math’ is part of their daily lives. For example, counting objects! It can be done with the objects they see in the market or street.

Many aspects – Math is a lot more than basic addition as well as subtraction. So, introduce the concept of sensing numbers, geometry – which can help in learning a variety of patterns and many kinds of shapes. Measurement helps them learn how much milk they consume, how much water they drink. The terms used in math and other concepts that a preschooler can grasp easily will make a difference.

Across curriculum – Never try teaching math as a separate or a kind of isolated subject. It decreases the interest of the kid. Blend the notion into the fine arts, language learning, music and other science projects.

Observing the progress – Having a weekly assessment helps how far the child has learned the subject. And after a monthly assessment, it is advised to have a discussion with parents about what was observed, what are the well-performed zones and what are the areas where a student needs to keep little effort. This way, parents will be engaged in the growth of their kid.

Individualize – Few assessments prove that certain students are up to the mark while few are not able to fall in the race! It’s okay if the kids don’t grasp certain things. So, as a teacher it is important to individualize the instructions according to the student’s requirements and teach the next lessons based on what they know and what they don’t, instead of teaching the same thing to all.

Along with these practices, it is always good to know what other teachers are doing with the subject and dealing with the hurdles. Swapping ideas as well as the good methodologies always help children progress further.

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How to get your children to behave during the holidays

Holidays are what every child looks forward to, at the end of a tiresome week or month or more. Holidays signal an uninterrupted phase of merrymaking, games and trips. It is thus natural to expect children to be the most excited and enthusiastic around this time of the year. Here are a few clever parenting tips that can ensure the best behavior from children:

As hosts

One sure way of keeping children occupied is by making them help out their parents with the arrangements for a holiday get-together or party. The least a child could do is go up and greet the guests at the door. Slightly older children can offer to take their coats or show them around the house, or ask if they need anything.

These small tasks help make parents feel less stressed and also go a long way in preparing the children as good hosts, later in life.

As guests

There are a few basic rules that children need to be taught when entering anyone’s premises. For example, knocking on a closed door and asking permission to enter, to say “thank you” and “please” when asking the host for anything. It is also immensely appreciated if children offer to help the host in the smallest possible way.

When receiving gifts

It does not matter who is giving, or what the gift contains. Gifts are exchanged to express warmth or affection. Children should remember to accept gifts gracefully. The shortest expression of gratitude or appreciation that a child can be taught is “thank you”. This is a complete sentence in itself. As they grow up, they could be taught to say “Thank you for the gift. I love it”, “How kind of you to think of me”, and so on. These manners are also taught in child care centres in Singapore . This creates a positive impact on the giver, making them appreciative of the parents and the children alike.

When the child misbehaves

Life would be perfect for parents if their children refrained from throwing a tantrum or two in the middle of a gathering, right? Well, there’s no foolproof method to curb it, so here are some suggestions to ease out the problem. Teachers in child care centres say that parents can signal or take the child to a quiet corner of the venue to explain calmly, and make sure to avoid addressing the same within the reach of an audience.

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Learn How Your Kids Would Be Disciplined At a Preschool

When a child goes to preschool, he or she undergoes a number of changes. Their attention span improves and they get better at doing small tasks and take on new tasks. They are always ready to show off the skills they learn in preschool with confidence. However, they are not always well equipped with the required skills to deal with peer-related issues and a little bit of disciplining is usually required. They learn to understand the emotions they and others around them feel. They can also be very moody and display anger.

Discipline is one of the most important values that are taught in many infant care centres in Singapore . Each preschooler is responsible for their own behaviour. Any misbehaviour is not tolerated and they will have to face the consequences. Without discipline, there is no student-oriented atmosphere in the schools. The teacher is unable to carry out the lessons smoothly if there are disruptions due to misbehaviour. The behaviour of one individual affects the group.

In a similar manner, the expectations of the group can dictate an individual’s behaviour. However, it is important to know how the kids are disciplined in the preschool. It is taken for granted that discipline is the teacher’s duty. She sets behavioural rules and the students are to follow them. Good behaviour is rewarded and bad behaviour is punished.

Ways to Maintain Discipline

The preschoolers thrive in a structured environment. Providing and maintaining a routine with a lot of structure can go a long way in helping maintain discipline. Praising good behaviour and even providing small rewards can reinforce the confidence in the child and they will continue to behave in the same manner.

When children are acting up, the best tool to make them cool down by themselves is a time out. An appropriate role model is a good influence on the child and helps them learn discipline. Dealing with the logical as well as the natural consequences of their behaviour can teach a child discipline. Verbal reinforcement of good behaviour, non-verbal gestures of bad behaviour and a dialogue between the teacher and students are good methods of maintaining discipline. However, scolding or harsh words, assigning additional homework or any kind of shaming of the student is not acceptable. This method could backfire and cause the child to react in a negative way as such an incident is not easily forgotten.

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Taking The Bak Chor Mee Singapore

Singapore is a land of diverse cultural heritage, exhilarating events, and scrumptious eats. Make sure you plan ahead for a getaway to the great sunny city. The internet has made the preparation process easy and manageable. Consider making your bookings online for the lodging facility. The area has numerous food paradises with various dishes and cuisines. Eat the best local meals like the kaya toast, chili crab, and chicken rice. Try the new foodies like bak chor mee Singapore dishes from the local chefs.

Attend the food events and festivals to taste a more mouth-watering dishes to eat. Experts in the hospitality industry hold these parties to bring chefs and other experts together. They encourage them to make new dishes for competition purposes. Tourists and other attendants enjoy the food for free or at a reasonable price. Check their festive calendar when picking a date for your tour.

At times, the organizing bodies will combine the food events with exciting entertainment concerts. The sunny island is the home for many musicians and bands. Their annual highlights comprise the multicultural music, dance, and visual feast, indie music line-up, and the fabulous fireworks.

For the lovers of art, the place has museums and galleries for this activity. Take your loved ones to see the public gallery see the paintings from the Asia. There are also theaters to watch the traditional dances, and dramas as you enjoy your meatballs. Many restaurants are near these outlets.

The locals go out to mark various religion and culture festivals like Christmas, Lunar New Year, and Deepavali. You will not feel discriminated since you will have something to celebrate. They have also set up a colorful array of heritage places and buildings of worship across the city. The residents will not only take care of your stomach but also of your faith.

After having the meatballs, take the children to see the inspiring architecture. The town has both the old and the new buildings. Take a walk to the historic buildings as you explore the modern shopping malls and the top museums. Watch the spectacular skyline and the skyscrapers from the rooftops in town.

Hotels are offering packed lunch, and you can take as you tour the city. Some cafe provides night dining. You can hold parties with your friends at these secured restaurant-bars even late night hours. You will enjoy family entertainment at the amusement parks. Singapore has shops for various budgets. Carry a camera to capture the unforgettable moments and the yummy meatballs.

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