15 Mathematics to optimize the future

Mathematics to optimize the future

Scientists assertively say that mathematics can optimize the future, thanks to its universal and multidisciplinary nature. That is why they suggest that there should be a math enrichment centre in every locality. They point out that the role of mathematics in certain fields is supportive and in a few others, it plays a major and primary role.

Areas where mathematics can help in optimizing the future

1. Mathematics can help in optimizing every field under the sun. For example, though a number of people have the notion that mathematics and biology do not have any link, mathematics helps in gathering statistics and arriving at conclusions in the field of biology also. In fact, without mathematics, researchers cannot do their studies in biology. Simply put, the role of mathematics will be very much crucial for progress in almost all the fields.

2. A few other examples as to how mathematics can optimize our future are the ways retailers use mathematics for analyzing their loyalty programs and the strategies banks adopt with the help of mathematics for managing their financial risks. Similarly, hospitals can use mathematics for managing the work-flows of their emergency wards.

3. While computational mathematics can play a key role in designing industrial, economic, biological and environmental models, bioinformatics that use mathematics to a large extent plays a highly significant role in genetics. Researchers involved in genetic studies can create algorithms for analyzing genomic data for exposing genetic markers pertaining to diseases.

Optimization using mathematics and competitive advantage

Optimization using mathematics involves economic, objective and judicious use of available resources in various processes including production. This means industries can succeed in their aim of achieving competitive advantage.

To summarize, mathematics has become all-pervasive, right from managing traffic to scheduling of air crafts. Unfortunately, many of the fields including the health sector, public transport, etc. are not using mathematics to the optimum which means they are yet to use their resources optimally. If these fields use mathematics appropriately, they can succeed in achieving increased productivity. They can also sustain and grow in their spheres of activities.

In short experts say that math truths have the ability to make a complex world a lot more comprehensible as well as manageable.

This clearly explains how mathematics can help in optimizing our future. So, the suggestion of researchers that there should be a math enrichment in every location is not tall talk.

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