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TOP 5 BEST HAIR SALON FOR MEN IN SINGAPORE This is a guide article of the top 5 best hair salon for men in Singapore. Hair salon comes in the form of the unisex salon and mostly women salon but only a few of them specializes in rendering styling services for men. You will find […]

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15 Mathematics to optimize the future

Mathematics to optimize the future Scientists assertively say that mathematics can optimize the future, thanks to its universal and multidisciplinary nature. That is why they suggest that there should be a math enrichment centre in every locality. They point out that the role of mathematics in certain fields is supportive and in a few others, […]

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01. YLC What is the right age to start math enrichment classes for your child

What is the right age to start math enrichment classes for your child? One can join the math enrichment class as early as k1 level. Each group of children is provided with challenges and thought-provoking exercises fit for their standard to determine the requirements of early bloomers. It’s solely based to define the ability criteria […]

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Improve problem solving and critical thinking skills in children using math booster programs

One of the main skills that most of us use in day to day life. It comes into use in almost every walk of life. Most people will argue that you don’t need to be taught critical thinking and problem solving smart people will just figure it out themselves or children will learn it through […]

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What is math enrichment?

There is no specific data which will tell you exactly what math enrichment is and it is usually interpreted as problem solving or mathematical thinking. However, it is the process of gaining knowledge and understanding of math as a subject. With understanding comes passion, and with passion comes growth and a treasure is unlocked. Not […]

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Are You A Nursery Teacher Teaching Math? – Things You Need To Know!

Many preschool or nursery educators will be delighted in their young students desire to learn something new every day. A nursery teacher’s day is all about influencing positive behavior, modeling how to do things, shaping out right and proper instructions, inculcating optimism, positive attitude, self-esteem and all this while laying a foundation for their real […]

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How to get your children to behave during the holidays

Holidays are what every child looks forward to, at the end of a tiresome week or month or more. Holidays signal an uninterrupted phase of merrymaking, games and trips. It is thus natural to expect children to be the most excited and enthusiastic around this time of the year. Here are a few clever parenting […]

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Learn How Your Kids Would Be Disciplined At a Preschool

When a child goes to preschool, he or she undergoes a number of changes. Their attention span improves and they get better at doing small tasks and take on new tasks. They are always ready to show off the skills they learn in preschool with confidence. However, they are not always well equipped with the […]

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Taking The Bak Chor Mee Singapore

Singapore is a land of diverse cultural heritage, exhilarating events, and scrumptious eats. Make sure you plan ahead for a getaway to the great sunny city. The internet has made the preparation process easy and manageable. Consider making your bookings online for the lodging facility. The area has numerous food paradises with various dishes and […]

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