Improve problem solving and critical thinking skills in children using math booster programs

One of the main skills that most of us use in day to day life. It comes into use in almost every walk of life. Most people will argue that you don’t need to be taught critical thinking and problem solving smart people will just figure it out themselves or children will learn it through discussions with their peers. However, studies have shown that children who took part in math booster programs have a higher problem solving ability and better critical thinking skills.
Math booster programs use math games and other innovative ideas to help children improve their math skills in this process unknowingly the child is also learning logical and critical thinking that is then applied while solving the math problems. These skills are not just limited to solving math problems but also make the basis for the child when they come across other problems and difficulties later in life. A sure method of teaching a child problem solving is when they are asked to explain how they solved a particular math sum. Other ways that math booster programs help development of problem solving and critical thinking is when they teach the child how to analyse analogies. Relating math problems to day to day life can help build interest in math and also give example and solutions of daily problems.
Primary maths tuition centre Singapore help children to identify the relevant information that they need to solve the problem that is given to them. It shows them how to create categories and divide the information provided to them into these categories. The next step to solving any problem is to construct and recognize valid deductive arguments or hypothesis for the problem. These hypotheses are then put to the test to get the required result. Math booster programs help the child to recognise common reasoning fallacies. The most important thing that is taught during these programs is how to distinguish between the given evidence and the interpretation of the given evidence.
Improved critical thinking and problem solving skills in children have been known to make the child more independent, smarter and more creative. It is also known to increase the child’s IQ score and boosts inventiveness. The child is also able to make decisions better when they are clearly able to think about the problem analyse it and then find a solution.

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