Learn How Your Kids Would Be Disciplined At a Preschool

When a child goes to preschool, he or she undergoes a number of changes. Their attention span improves and they get better at doing small tasks and take on new tasks. They are always ready to show off the skills they learn in preschool with confidence. However, they are not always well equipped with the required skills to deal with peer-related issues and a little bit of disciplining is usually required. They learn to understand the emotions they and others around them feel. They can also be very moody and display anger.

Discipline is one of the most important values that are taught in many infant care centres in Singapore . Each preschooler is responsible for their own behaviour. Any misbehaviour is not tolerated and they will have to face the consequences. Without discipline, there is no student-oriented atmosphere in the schools. The teacher is unable to carry out the lessons smoothly if there are disruptions due to misbehaviour. The behaviour of one individual affects the group.

In a similar manner, the expectations of the group can dictate an individual’s behaviour. However, it is important to know how the kids are disciplined in the preschool. It is taken for granted that discipline is the teacher’s duty. She sets behavioural rules and the students are to follow them. Good behaviour is rewarded and bad behaviour is punished.

Ways to Maintain Discipline

The preschoolers thrive in a structured environment. Providing and maintaining a routine with a lot of structure can go a long way in helping maintain discipline. Praising good behaviour and even providing small rewards can reinforce the confidence in the child and they will continue to behave in the same manner.

When children are acting up, the best tool to make them cool down by themselves is a time out. An appropriate role model is a good influence on the child and helps them learn discipline. Dealing with the logical as well as the natural consequences of their behaviour can teach a child discipline. Verbal reinforcement of good behaviour, non-verbal gestures of bad behaviour and a dialogue between the teacher and students are good methods of maintaining discipline. However, scolding or harsh words, assigning additional homework or any kind of shaming of the student is not acceptable. This method could backfire and cause the child to react in a negative way as such an incident is not easily forgotten.

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