What is math enrichment?

There is no specific data which will tell you exactly what math enrichment is and it is usually interpreted as problem solving or mathematical thinking. However, it is the process of gaining knowledge and understanding of math as a subject. With understanding comes passion, and with passion comes growth and a treasure is unlocked. Not everyone has a good aptitude for math. Some children are able to grasp a concept as soon as it is taught in class but some need a little bit of push before they can fully understand a concept that is being taught to them. This is where math enrichment programs come into play.

Math enrichment centres are the alternates to regular classes that help children who are having a hard time coping with understanding the basic concepts of math understand in an easier way. Math enrichment even though aimed at those who struggle with math is not purely just for them. It is a program that makes a person better at math. So whether the child has a good grasp on the subject or it is the last thing that they would rather do math enrichment centres help to make them better.

These can be taken as after school classes as well as special summer classes. Here they use different methods of teaching the basic concepts that is not taught in schools. These classes can help children find love for a subject that they disliked earlier and this love could even lead them to a career where math is a necessary subject to know. For example, in today’s world, everything is getting digitized and thus there is a growing need for people who are capable and have studied computer science a subject in which having a working knowledge is a huge plus.

Every math enrichment centre has its own strategy and approach to the subject. These programs are aimed at the problem solving skills and day to day lives of the children. They help the children to have critical thinking when it comes to the math problem as well as life as life as a whole. One of the most important strategies that are used in these programs is the use of the matrix method. By providing a framework to the students they are able to group mathematical problems that have similar solutions into one category.

Hence, math enrichment as the name suggests is a way of improving a child’s knowledge of math.

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